PvP is short for ‘player versus player,’ and PvE is short for ‘player versus environment.’ How does your child feel about playing against other Minecraft players? What if there are older players? Or, would they rather only be able to play against the in-game monsters and the environment of the world? Some children are uncomfortable in a non-cooperative game setting, and you should take this into account.

Some Minecraft servers allow PvP, and others may not. Some Minecraft servers also only allow PvP in very specific areas. It’s a good idea to present these ideas to your little Minecrafter and find out their personal opinions.

For example, one child may want to play on a certain Minecraft server–but be against PvP for their own play. Is that Minecraft server still all right with them if PvP is only in a certain area, and they avoid it? Or would they prefer a different Minecraft server, with the knowledge that they won’t have to worry about PvP?

Oh man. Minecraft Griefing. I.e. a parent and child’s worst nightmare. Griefing is a term that’s used to refer to when a Minecraft player breaks, steals or otherwise makes a mess of another player’s area, in-game possessions, or home. Many Minecraft servers have plugins that prevent this altogether.

But, just in case, you may want to check with a Minecraft server moderator or the Code of Conduct to see if the Minecraft server has a ‘roll back’ policy that will allow them to return your child’s home to a pre-griefed state.

Griefing is almost universally banned in the Code of Conduct in Minecraft servers. It still might be a good idea to research how to get your child’s things rolled back ahead of time and keep a paper with instructions on them near the computer.

Nevermind what some people might say: Minecraft isn’t just for children. It may be worth finding out if an older child or trusted adult is willing to play with your child, on the same Minecraft server. Maybe you could even become a Minecrafter yourself, and have a fun activity to share with your little one. Who knows? Maybe one day a week could even become a special ‘Minecraft’ family night!