Where are my DAMN copper golems ?

Many people were disappointed about the Copper Golem mob in Minecraft after 2021. Since last year, a lot has happened in the game. Developers of the game released The Caves and Cliffs updates. They also announced a major update for 2022.

Mojang holds a voting event at the Minecraft Live event every year where players can vote on their favorite feature for the next update. A mob vote was held at the Minecraft Live event 2021. This included the Copper Golem.

Copper Golem's defeat at the Minecraft Live mob vote

Millions of Minecraft Live attendees flocked to see the developers unveil new features to the game at the event. During this time, mob votes were opened. Players could vote for the best mob to be added. The Minecraft official Twitter account hosted the mob vote.

Allay, Glare, and Copper Golem were the three voting mobs. They were all friendly mobs that had special abilities. Glare received the fewest votes in the first round and was therefore out of the round. The final round was between Allay & Copper Golem. However, Allay won in 2021 the mob vote and was scheduled to release the mob in 2022 in "The Wild Update."

The Minecraft community split with mob votes. While some rejoiced at Allay's win, others were saddened by the loss of Glare or Copper Golem. Copper Golem was popular and many started to post about its loss on different social media platforms.

Copper Golem may still be available in Minecraft

Even though the adorable mob was lost, it is still possible to make a permanent return. Many players are aware that Mojang has added features to Minecraft Live.

Mojang restored the Minecraft Live feature that allows you to put a chest inside a boat. This feature was also part of the vote at the previous Minecraft Live event. Copper Golem might be back and be part of Minecraft's future updates.