Power of Mending

It can be expensive to repair your Minecraft tools, especially if they have enchanted. Mending is the answer.

Mending is an essential enchantment that you can add to your armors and tools. You can use the XP to repair your tools. They are very rare because they are treasured items so most minecraft servers are filled with people who dont want to use it to enchant their gear. Don't worry if you are new to Mending. You can refer to the guide below to find out what it is and how you can get Mending in Minecraft.

What does Mending do in Minecraft?

Simply put, Mending can be described as an enchantment item you can use with your tools or weapons. You can repair them with XP.Mending allows you to use an item indefinitely. You can automatically repair your armor if you have Mending. Similarly, if your tools or weapons with mending are held in one hand while you gather XP it will automatically restore their full health.

You can also get XP from an item that has the Mending Enchant active. However, it does not replenish your XP bar.

Notice: Only the items that have the enchant in their hands or are equipped in the armor slots can be restored.

How to get Mending in Minecraft

First, you should know that Mending cannot be obtained using an enchanting table. It is a treasure object that can only be obtained by exploring, fishing and trading with librarian villages.