Minecraft Realms: are they Worth It?

Mon Jan 2. 2023

Minecraft Realms: are they Worth It?

Mojang's Minecraft can be expensive and difficult to play with friends. It all depends on how you set it up. Minecraft Realms was created by the developer to make it easier and offer a way to play with up 10 friends.

What is a Minecraft Realm?

Mojang's solution to hosting a Minecraft server is Minecraft Realms. It's now easier than ever to play Minecraft with your friends online. Mojang hosts a private server that is always online for you and your friends for a monthly fee of $7.99 or a one-time payment of $90, 90, or 180 day plans. Only you and your friends can play in your world.

Each server offers all the features you would expect in a normal Minecraft experience, plus more. All of Minecraft's game modes (Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator, and Spectator), are available. Mojang also preloaded mini-games onto the Minecraft Realms set.

Realms does not currently have the Minecraft Hardcore Mode.

The Pros of Minecraft Realm Play

Convenience is a major advantage of Minecraft Realms over a third-party server. To optimize a third-party server you will usually need to visit a website in order to adjust settings and find the perfect setup.

Everything is optimized within Minecraft Realms. You can invite people to your server, switch to a Mojang mini-game, upload your world, and customize any other settings in the client.

Realms does not support mods, which is a major drawback. Modifications to Minecraft are an integral part of the Minecraft experience. This can create problems for gamers who want their friends to play the Aether Mod.

Minecraft Realms Security

Fear not if you are afraid of uninvited guests ruining your world. You can only invite players to your Minecraft Realm server. You can easily add or remove players from a safe list as the host.

For server safety, worlds are automatically backed-up.

You can invite up 200 players to your server. However, only 10 players can play at a time.

Minecraft Realms Platform Compatibility

Mojang offers two versions of Minecraft Realms:

Minecraft Realms version is available for mobile devices, consoles and Windows 10 platformsMinecraft Java Edition for PC, Mac and Linux platforms

The two versions are not compatible, so Minecraft: Java Edition players on a Mac or pre Windows 10 computer can't play alongside players on a mobile device.

If you are looking for a simple gaming experience, Minecraft Realms is a good and official solution to managing and creating a Minecraft server. Hosting your own server is a more user-friendly option to third-party servers hosts.

Minecraft Realms is not for everyone. If you are into modding, you should stick to a host that allows you to make those adjustments.