Minecraft for Android

Fri Jan 6. 2023

Minecraft for Android

You can fit a whole Minecraft world onto your smartphone. Minecraft for Android lets users explore, battle, create structures, and build contraptions by themselves or with their friends.

It's easy to get started: Sign in and tap Play. You will be able to view a map that you can explore. You can move around with the arrow buttons at the lower left corner of the screen. You can jump by tapping the rectangle button at the lower right. You can also view your health, hunger, experience, and other information in the game's screen.

It's Minecraft you love: You can create and gather items, use tools and weapons, survive the night, fight, or -- as with wolves, ocelots, -- tame animals, farm, trade, and travel to alternate dimensions.

Realms: You can manage a Mojang private server for up to 11 concurrent users through Minecraft Realms. To run the server, you will need to pay $3.99 to $7.99 per month after a 30-day trial. This depends on how many friends and family members are playing at once. Everyone you invite to the server is welcome to join and play for free.

Servers: You can play on a server for something bigger. Servers can be tailored to different playing styles, such as survival, PVP, construction, survival, and parkour, and allow you to play with other players. Mojang has partnered with three servers that offer safe play environments. You can find them under the Servers tab on the main screen. You can also join a server from a third party by tapping on the Add Server button on your main screen and entering the information.

You can also share your map with others on your local networking site to play a multiplayer game.

Play with friends: You have two options. One is to add and play with your friends through Realms, the other is to play a multiplayer game on a local community network. You can communicate with your friends using in-game chat.

Microtransactions: To unlock custom skins skins and texture packs, you can purchase Minecoins starting at $1.99 for 32 coins.

It's a bit small on a smartphone's screen: While the game is easy to play on a small screen with many biomes and expansive maps, it is easier to enjoy on a larger screen such as a tablet.

Bottom Line

The mobile version brings all the fun of Minecraft to your Android phone. You can play alone or with your friends on Mojang approved servers. These servers can be set up by you, or hosted on independent servers. The game can be played on a smartphone, but the blocky landscapes look much better on a larger screen.