Best Mobile Minecraft servers

Minecraft servers allow gamers to communicate and compete with other players from around the world.

For gamers who are single players, Minecraft is a great game. You can build, explore, and finally defeat the Ender Dragon. Many gamers choose to play with others as well as on their own.

Minecraft servers make it possible by connecting players to the same game worlds. This article will cover some of the best Minecraft Pocket Edition servers this month.

Five of the best Minecraft Pocket Edition servers November 2020

#1 HyperLands

The Minecraft Pocket Edition server is ideal for players who want to have a bit of everything. This server supports all of the most popular game modes and minigames such as Skywars and Bedwars, Bridge, UHC and Duels.

HyperLands is a vibrant community. It offers rewards for participation and voting in community polls.


#2 FallenTech Network

The Minecraft Pocket Edition server is ideal for competitive players. FallenTech has a variety of PvP game modes, mini-games and a unique leaderboard system.

This video highlights the server and will show you how many options there are in terms of gameplay.


#3 EmperialsPE

SkyBlock fans will find this Minecraft Pocket Edition server very useful. You can join and play on this server for free flying, slayer minions and island head hunting.

EmperialsPE has an authentic trading system that has led to a strong, balanced in-game economy. This server is known for its family-friendly fun.


#4 Euphoria Hub

Euphoira is the ideal place for Minecraft players who want to play vanilla Minecraft with other players. Players can share their adventures in Minecraft with friends or make new connections. While it may be enjoyable to build bases and hunt down Creepers on your own, having fun with others brings you more chances for spontaneity and team building.


#5 NetherGames network

This is a difficult selection. NetherGames is by far the most popular Minecraft Pocket Edition server. It supports every game mode from Skywars to Bedwars and has a large player base.

Multiple YouTubers recently exposed that something is amiss with this server's ownership and staff. You should not play on this server if you aren't aware of any corruption or racism.